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What Is Home Health?

A good home health agency can truly make all the difference.

Home health agencies exist for a singular purpose- to allow you or your loved one the opportunity to stay at home as you recover from an illness or injury. Even in cases where a full recovery is not likely, there are still plenty of advantages to home health. For starters, your loved one is likely to feel much more comfortable at home, in the environment they are most familiar with. This can go a long way toward helping them do their best, both physically and mentally. In fact, home health can be beneficial for those who are dealing with chronic illness, as they often experience less stress by staying in the home and being in familiar surroundings with those they love. Home health can even sometimes help those suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer.
Imagine the difference between being confined to a hospital bed or living in a nursing home with being at home. The familiar routine of home, coupled with the presence of loved ones, can often make a world of difference for the person who is ill or injured. The ability to stay at home and be treated by licensed professionals has never been more relevant than it is today. That makes home health services more vital than ever.

What Should You Expect?

At Home Advantage Home Health Agency, we will work with your physician in order to find out exactly how we can best help you manage your condition. For example, you may only need a little help with wound care or medications after surgery. On the other hand, you or your loved one might require more involved care that is designed to last for a longer amount of time. This is not uncommon for individuals who are dealing with chronic conditions such as COPD or heart failure.
Because we work with you and your doctor, we can develop a plan that is designed to help you get back on the road to recovery or help you manage your chronic condition as effectively as possible. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and make sure your needs are being met. For us, it goes beyond merely attending to your medical needs. We have a competent and caring staff who ensure that you are being cared for on a mental and emotional level as well. It’s all about giving you the tools you need to feel your best, whether that means getting you moving again or helping you manage conditions in the long-term.
A good home health agency can truly make all the difference. It’s like receiving the very best medical care, all without the need for leaving the comfort of your own home.
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We provide concerned, carefully selected, licensed professionals to make sure that your loved one’s physical, mental and emotional needs are met to the best of their abilities.
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